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Subsidence due to peat compaction may have important implications in alluvial floodplains because it leads to wetland loss land inundation and damage to buildings and infrastructure Furthermore it potentially influences spatial and temporal CHAPTER 8 DRAINAGE OF ORGANIC SOILS Contents General NATIONAL ENGINEERING HANDBOOK SECTION 16 DRAINAGE OF AGRICULTURAL LAND Classification of Organic Soils General properties of organic soils Mineral matter content Botanical composition Sedimentary peats and mucks Sedge peats and mucks Moss peats and mucks Woody peats and mucks Subsidence in Drained Organic Soils Causes of subsidence

Mires and Peat

Very similar subsidence rates and dry bulk density profiles were obtained irrespective of crop type or age of the plantation indicating that the peat profiles were in a steady state These are conditions that allow for the deduction of net carbon loss by multiplying the rate of subsidence by the carbon density of the peat below the water table With an average subsidence rate of 4 2 cm y

Subsidence as a Function of Salinity Intrusion and Peat Collapse in a Karst Environment Fred H Sklar Everglades System Assessment Section South Florida Water Management District Co-authored by Laura Bauman Carlos Coronado Steve Kelly John Kominoski Joe Stachelek Tiffany Troxler Ben Wilson April 20 2017 GEER 2017 Coral Springs FL S O U T H F L O R I D A W A T E R M A N A G E M E N

Subsidence due to peat compaction may have important implications in alluvial floodplains because it leads to wetland loss land inundation and damage to buildings and infrastructure Furthermore it potentially influences spatial and temporal

increased bulk density which is an indication of compaction decreases with depth within the unoxidized peat zone whereas on the marsh islands bulk density is generally constant with depth except near the surface Approximately 55–80% of the original peat layer on the farmed islands has been lost due to land-surface subsidence For the

An overview is given regarding 1) the compaction process 2) presumed and potential effects of peat compaction on delta evolution 3) field methods to quantify peat compaction and 4) numerical models to calculate the amount and rate of peat compaction


14th International Peat Congress 1 Extended abstract No 115 INDICATIONS OF COMPACTION IN RELATION TO SUBSIDENCE ON PEATLANDS USED FOR ACCACIA CRASSICARPA PLANTATION IN INDONESIA Darmawan Department of Soil Science and Land Resources Faculty of Agriculture Bogor Agricultural University Darmaga Campus 16880 Bogor Indonesia +62-0251-8629357

Upon completing this Learning Module assignment the participant should be able to measure compaction subsidence parameters and determine the significance of these parameters with redetermining drive mechanisms etc The learner will also be able to analyze calculate and validate compaction subsidence and settling parameters to predict their influence on the behavior of the

5-10 years of water table drawdown compaction and shrinkage dominate relative to oxidation In a study by Schothorst (1977) primary subsidence accounted for 1-4 cm of the 4-10 cm total subsidence over 6 years for peat in the Netherlands One of the primary factors in physical subsidence is the destruction of macropore structure

Hydraulic Fill Compaction OLAF STOKST AD and KENT ALLEMEIER Michigan State Highway Department The subject of fill compaction has rightly received special em phasis in connection with the improvement of pavement smooth ness The problem of building fills over deep peat marshes presents conditions which defeat conventional compaction ef forts

Peat and Muck Drainage Problems Drainage of organic soils results in lowering of the surface (subsidence) by shrinkage due to drying loss of the bouyant force of groundwater compaction wind erosion burning and biochemical oxidation The relative effect of each of these factors depends on soil origin land-management practices and climate

Subsidence at the ground surface occurs as underlying strata collapse into the void and compaction of the goaf overlying rock and retained walls and pillars occurs (Figure 2) The ground at the surface subsides vertically and at the edges of the subsidence zone it tilts and moves horizontally towards the centre of the zone

Hydrogeology Miami-Dade Broward and Palm Beach County are underlain by deposits of Holocene to Tertiary age which comprise the surficial aquifer system intermediate confining unit and Floridan aquifer system Holocene deposits including inland freshwater peat and marl coastal marsh peat and beach deposits form a thin veneer overlying the surficial aquifer system - the principal

Commonly a reported depression is not verified by a licensed professional geologist to be a true sinkhole and the cause of subsidence is not known Such an event is called a subsidence incident The Florida Geological Survey maintains and provides a downloadable database of reported subsidence incidents statewide While this data may include some true sinkholes the majority of the incidents

Geohazards [Landslides

Compaction of the soil may also cause subsidence Withdrawal of fluids Subsidence is usually associated with the withdrawal of two fluids (1) oil and (2) water When the fluid is extracted the fluid pressure in the underground reservoir or aquifer is reduced

Peat is abundant in the Mississippi Delta and compaction has frequently been invoked as a major contributor to land subsidence and relative sea-level (RSL) rise19 A significant recent contribution in this context entailed stochastic modelling5 9 suggesting that present-day compaction rates in the Mississippi Delta are probably

rebound and compaction of the soft peat soil man-made causes for land subsidence like the extraction of ground water oil gas and salt have to be monitored with great care However the determination of land subsidence with magnitudes of less than one centimeter per year requires high-accuracy measurement and modelling methods and scrupulous data processing Therefore the monitoring of

of increased subsidence rate However at this temporal scale the architecture of the deltaic sequences (deltaic lobes and correlative lacustrine deposits) was strongly affected by (i) compaction of underlying peat and clay which drove lateral offset stacking of medium-term sequences and (ii) growth of a fault-

Subsidence stresses gas lines sewage pipes and other infrastructure which can crack as the land buckles and heaves increasing the risk of explosions and contamination of surface and groundwater Finally the stress of the threat to drinking water supplies homes and livelihoods can adversely affect people's sense of well-being Subsidence has been slowed in cities such as Tokyo 6 and

Dr aljosja hooijer - peatland subsidence sustainability 1 1 januari 2008 The unrecognized problem will subsidence flood drained peatlands in SE Asia i e can drained agriculture / silviculture on deep peat be sustainable? Kuala Lumpur 8 June 2015 Al Hooijer for research team partners 2 1 januari 2008 • Founded 1927 to help design Netherlands coastal defence necessary largely because

Bijlage Bundel 'Peat compaction in the long term' Appendix 1 Document study Appendix 2 Interviews Appendix 3 Interview results IX X Summary This research is part of an initiative of the province of Utrecht A large part (33%1) of the province of Utrecht consists of peat lands Soil subsidence caused by peat compaction has different implications for the landscape and the users of

The contribution of peat compaction to total basin subsidence implications for the provision of accommodation space in organic‐rich deltas S van Asselen Physical Geography Utrecht University Utrecht the Netherlands Search for more papers by this author S van Asselen Physical Geography Utrecht University Utrecht the Netherlands

In peat forests dead leaves "It's not just compaction It's actually mass loss So measuring rates of subsidence is basically equivalent to measuring emissions of carbon dioxide " tersebut Harvey The data showed that peatland continues to sink and release carbon long after it's been drained and cleared Professor David Wardle of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

The progressive subsidence at drained peatland due to peat decomposition resulting in CO 2 emission as well as compaction was schematically illustrated (Hooijer et al 2010) Total subsidence due to drainage of peat soils includes four components i e consolidation compaction shrinkage and oxidation ( Hooijer et al 2012a b Wosten et al 1997 )

reflect an interplay of tectonic subsidence and compaction of peat We assume that fault activity in the extensional tectonic setting triggered i) the onset of clastic deposition on top of the peat by providing initial accommodation ii) creating the clastic input pathway and iii) final drowning of the Blina Delta system However the dynamics of accommodation dur-ing the subsequent

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